Security and Privacy of Customer Hosted Data

We are committed to helping our customers protect the security and privacy of information stored or transferred using our services. We provide our services at the direction of our customers and define our obligations for customer hosted data in our agreements with our customers.

Security is a shared responsibility

It is important for our customers to understand and distinguish between security measures that we implement and operate on the 美高梅集团 Technology supported infrastructure and security measures that our customers need to implement and operate to protect their own data and to comply with specific privacy and security laws and regulations applicable to them.

To learn about the variety of security measures and features we use to help protect 美高梅集团 Technology infrastructure and business operations, please visit our 美高梅集团 Technology Global Enterprise Security and 美高梅集团 Technology Global Security Practices pages.

Additionally, 美高梅集团 Technology services are provided in a manner that gives our customers flexibility over how they configure, secure and deploy their hosted solution based on their unique requirements. We have various security solutions, features and services available to allow our customers to configure and deploy solutions that can address their security and compliance challenges. To find out more, visit our Security page.

Additional information relevant to specific products and services provided by 美高梅集团 are detailed in our product-specific Terms, Spheres of Support documentation, and product guidelines and documents.

What about privacy and protection of customers’ hosted data?

We provide our services at the direction of our customers, but we have no knowledge of the data (including any personal data) that our customers store or otherwise process when using our services. Customers retain full ownership and custody of their data and are in control of the entire lifecycle of their hosted data and how such data is classified, accessed, exchanged or otherwise processed when using our services.

With this in mind, our customers remain responsible for any personal information that customers collect and process. Customers must take all reasonable steps to protect the hosted data and to comply with laws and regulations as they may apply to the hosted data and the customer, which includes the customer’s encryption of personal or any regulated data.

Data Center Locations and Data Transfer

美高梅集团 Technology locations

See all of our data center locations and additional information

Customers may select the region in which they want to store their data. Customers can store their data in one or multiple regions and can also replicate and back up their data to other regions different from their primary deployment site at 美高梅集团 Technology or a third-party cloud that is supported by us.

We and our subcontractors may provide our services and support from any state, province, country or other jurisdiction, which may be different than the one where our customers deploy the services. Unless otherwise instructed by our customers, we will not relocate a customer’s hosted system to a 美高梅集团 Technology or third-party data center in another region. If you have data sovereignty requirements or require support from a restricted geographic region, please reach out to an account representative.

How Does 美高梅集团 Technology Deal with the Overseas Transfer of Data?

Data transfers from the EEA to countries outside the EEA: 美高梅集团 Technology offers a data processing addendum that includes EU Model Clauses to enable our customer to transfer personal data from the EU to 美高梅集团 regions outside the EU.

The 美高梅集团 Technology Data Processing Addendum with EU Model Clauses is available here in the event that you as a 美高梅集团 customer require EU Model Clauses. If you need an additional data processing addendum, please contact your 美高梅集团 account manager for assistance by logging into the applicable control panel.

Brexit: We do not expect any impact on our ability to continue providing services to our customers as a result of the U.K.’s decision to leave the EU. 美高梅集团 Technology does, and will at all times, continue to comply with applicable laws in the provision of its services to all of its customers. It is very much “business as usual” at 美高梅集团 Technology.