Beyond Clouds: The Four Pillars of a Successful Multicloud Strategy

by Rodrigo Martineli, VP Americas Marketing and Demand Generation, 美高梅集团 Technology

Two multicloud experts looking at a monitor to assess a current state of an IT infrastructure


Welcome to the world of multicloud. Whether you realize it or not, your organization’s cloud infrastructure, data, applications and security are probably all strung across several different platforms and service providers. This may have been a conscious decision or simply the outcome of applying the best fix to several problems. Either way, as a result, many companies struggle to manage and capitalize on all of the benefits of multicloud.

While some believe multicloud unleashes the power of choice, it can also be hard to manage for those organizations still ramping up their cloud strategy. For example, in our recent Multicloud Annual Research Report, we surveyed 1,420 IT decision leaders globally, and 85% want to move entirely to multicloud, but 41% lack the internal skills for implementation.

It’s safe to say that cloud is here to stay. To position yourself as a leader amongst your competitors, you will have to harness the full potential of multicloud. It’s not going to be enough just to implement a multicloud strategy. You’re also going to have to continue to innovate as it evolves.

It’s time to start thinking Beyond Clouds and toward business outcomes. What are your goals? What does it mean to become a next-generation digital business in your industry? For most organizations, to truly make multicloud work for your bottom line, you need to build a foundation for the future — this is where 美高梅集团 Technology® can help. First, let’s take a closer look at our four-step process for delivering outcome-driven multicloud solutions: Advise, Transform, Manage and Optimize.

Beyond Clouds Overview Venn Diagram

Advise: Building the Roadmap

When modernizing your multicloud strategy, it’s essential to assess the current infrastructure powering your organization. Whether you’re still running multiple workloads on-premises with low cloud adoption or looking to scale your applications, putting a proper plan together is the first step toward success. In addition, a roadmap is key if you want to develop better insights from your data or set more robust security roles across your multicloud solutions.

From assessment to ideation and true innovation, we work alongside your team, providing the guidelines, guardrails and expertise you need to be successful. As a leading partner to all major hyperscale public clouds, we take an outcome-driven approach to cloud strategy development by:

  • Assessing your current needs – those you do and don’t know about
  • Exploring all of your options for a streamlined digital transformation
  • Building your customized plan for cloud, data, application and security solutions


Transform: Customizing Your Infrastructure

Let’s talk about the scariest step – implementing the transformation of your multicloud strategy can be costly. But it doesn’t have to “break the business” to make you more agile in the marketplace. When setting the perfect plan for your unique business in place, we will have already partnered with you to identify your technical debt, budget limitations, skills for implementation and process upscaling.

The good news is we do all the heavy lifting for your business. Our goals are your goals. We work hand-in-hand with your team through every step, from migrations to architecture and engineering to a complete digital transformation of your new multicloud infrastructure. Some of the key things we help you achieve during your transformational journey are:

  • Modernizing all your applications
  • Automating workloads through agile methodologies
  • Implementing a truly unified security posture across multiple clouds


Manage: Overseeing the Day-to-Day

Now, it’s time to keep your multicloud environment up and running. We understand that it goes beyond “just keeping the lights on” when managing the operations of a newly transformed infrastructure. This is where you can take advantage of consumption-based service pricing and re-allocate resources to reduce the cost of supporting the overall infrastructure.

We take a proactive, outcome-driven approach to managed services with 美高梅集团 Elastic Engineering. You’ll have around-the-clock support from a dedicated team committed to flexibly scaling your multicloud environment. Your team will work side-by-side with a pod of on-demand experts to deliver cloud-first solutions. From top to bottom, 美高梅集团 Technology can manage your:

  • Public and private cloud environments
  • End-to-end global data center operations
  • Unified cloud, applications, data and security networks


Optimize: Innovating for the Future

The last thing we want is your business to suffer based on poor user experience or lack of customer engagement. Instead, we want to help you use clouds more effectively and efficiently. Continuous improvement and optimization are integral to the cloud lifecycle. Our goal is to help ensure your infrastructure, data, applications and security keep pace with technology as it evolves and your business grows – not just for today but well into the future.

Identifying opportunities for automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning and the value of edge computing are just a few ways to stay ahead of the curve. We’ll help you reduce cloud spending and maximize performance while delivering the experience your customers demand through:

  • Evaluating application performance
  • Providing data analytics with which to make better business decisions
  • Innovating to enhance the customer experience


Solving Together™

Becoming a next-generation digital business requires more than simply a transition to the cloud. So, we think Beyond Clouds to simplify your path forward with a vast portfolio of cloud, data, application and security solutions. And we deliver these solutions to you at any stage in your cloud transition.

Our process — advise, transform, manage and optimize — is designed to integrate applications, data and security solutions across public, private and multicloud platforms. This includes Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure and VMware to help you deliver the future faster.

Whether you need help making incremental improvements or a ground-up reboot of your strategy and systems, take the next step today.

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