Fast-track your IoT and Edge initiatives

Tap into full lifecycle IoT capabilities to bring your solutions to life in months, not years

The adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) continues to fuel innovation across industry segments. Connected, smart devices provide new opportunities to enable organizations to increase efficiency, gain competitive advantages and open new revenue streams. The difference between the innovators and the followers often comes down to who can bring a solution to market first. From smart homes and smart devices to smart factories and everything in between, we can help you bring your vision to life in months, not years. The experts at 美高梅集团 Technology™ work with you from prototype to production, applying our collection of hardware, cloud platforms, application, and analytics accelerators to fast track the development of your IoT solutions.

Hardware & Firmware

You can’t do Internet of Things without the Thing. 美高梅集团 Technology combines the power of the cloud with the hardware engineering expertise required to successfully complete your IoT or Edge solution. Our reference designs accelerate prototypes while providing a clear path to production of a custom, certified connected smart device.

Cloud Platform & Applications

A robust cloud platform is responsible for secure, scalable bidirectional communication with your fleet of smart devices, while providing data and insights to your users through your applications. Whether it’s a web dashboard or a mobile application, 美高梅集团 Technology’s experience building cloud-native IoT  and Edge applications and the platforms they run on — including in highly regulated environments — will ensure you realize the full value of your investment.


Beyond data visualizations, gain insights that improve business outcomes from your efficient supply chain fleet of connected smart devices, delivered in real-time and enhanced by machine learning. Leverage our team of data architects to design a modern data architecture, built for any volume of data, and